Computer and Internet Safety

Obviously, by the lack of posts here, we do not have the time required to dedicate to maintaining regular article publications. We intended to have this be a nice place to stop for tips and ideas for safe computing, however that has yet to happen. So in the meantime, the people at comparitech have brought […]

Tech Support Scams

This issue has been becoming more and more prevalent, with over 1/3 of our customers reporting at least having been contacted in some way. Tech support scams from people calling and pressuring you or coercing you into allow them to access your computer. What happens is usually one of two things. First, your computer either […]

Don’t buy from Walmart (paraphrasing) 1

I made the decision to purchase a 3D printer for the office this week. After a lot of shopping around, it was decided to get a OneUp by QU-BD. Oddly enough, Walmart had it available online (not in any store) for only $199 with free shipping. Due to scheduling, the order included expedited shipping so […]

Basic Browser Hijack Removal 1

…a software called “Conduit”. It appears to hijack your home page, create pop ups, and install extensions to Google Chrome and Firefox. It even has a component that will prevent it from being fully removed. If you change your home page, and even remove the extensions, it will change your settings right back, then after you use their search page…