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I made the decision to purchase a 3D printer for the office this week. After a lot of shopping around, it was decided to get a OneUp by QU-BD. Oddly enough, Walmart had it available online (not in any store) for only $199 with free shipping. Due to scheduling, the order included expedited shipping so that it would be here before the weekend, as we have had issues with weekend deliveries. I then purchased filament on Amazon, since they had a better selection and pricing. I received a notice through email that my order with Walmart was placed, and then a notification from my bank that my card had been charged. All was well. Then, later in the afternoon, an email saying that Walmart had canceled my order because of a security issue. There hadn’t been any indication during the purchasing process that there was any issue with the billing information. I had my secretary call to determine the issue, but they kept talking in circles, saying there was an issue, but they couldn’t say what it was, and that they couldn’t guarantee that any future orders would go through. They then advised her to go to our local store and purchase it. An online only item. Not available anywhere in our state, even in the largest cities. She became frustrated and hung up the phone.
Later, I called them because I found out that they told her that no charges had been made to the card, and there was a charge pending. There is a difference between no charge, and a charge that will be canceled, as it counts against the daily spending limit of that card, making it unable to make the purchase from another company until the charge clears.
During my call, which you can listen to below, I was given the same runaround with being told that it was denied for whatever reason and that they couldn’t tell me why. The odd thing though is that I had made purchases the same day with that same card, and I use Chrome’s autofill, so they all receive the same information, and only Walmart denied it. I was never offered the option to attempt the purchases while on the phone to see if there was something being done wrong. I was advised that if the option appeared, I could try to pay with cash for the online order. Then, the kicker. She advised not to retry, and I asked if she was then advising to not buy anything from Walmart, and she said that was the gist of it.

[So, essentially your advice is don’t buy from Walmart?  Yea, if it keeps canceling, that’s basically what we have to advise…]

No other alternatives were given. No attempts were made to rectify the issue in any way. Just basically, too bad, go somewhere else. Kudos to Melanie from Walmart customer service. Handled like a true expert for a big corporation.

I know this isn’t some egregious offense like a lot of things with Comcast and Time Warner and Verizon have been, but it really irked me. So much so that I paid a little extra to have the item ordered from Amazon, and will no longer be placing any orders from Walmart. We have long since stopped shopping (personally and professionally) at the big blue W due the lower quality of items, and much lower quality of food when compared to other local options. I would rather pay more for quality products and services, and I urge everyone else to do the same. This isn’t a “Mom and Pop store vs Walmart” call to arms, just a notice of yet another reason to abstain from going to a place just because they have cheaper items. If a company cannot make its security policies known if for no other reason than so that their customers can more easily comply with them, they apparently don’t want to promote business.

Below is the full phone call, edited only to remove about 6 minutes and 45 seconds of hold time* and to remove my name using static. Note that after I tell her my name, she still repeats it back as “Beth”, which it is not.

*: I was originally told that hold times were 4 minutes. After 5 minutes, a recording came on and said it would be an additional 6 minutes. Apparently, those services retrieve their estimates from the same place that the security policies are kept.


Everyone can rest assured, however, that our company will not give you this kind of run around, and we are always looking out for any way to help our customers. It’s events like this (particularly from another big blue company, and several other unreliable local businesses) that helped me make the decision to start this business instead of just an on-the-side job. We will always provide the best service possible, and never be content knowing that we made a mistake and didn’t attempt to correct it.

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